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We believe that educators will lead our industry forward. We support your goal of producing graduates that are successful, earn a decent living and enjoy what they do. Sugar-based hair removal has been recognized as a service that can enhance graduates' prospects, but up to now it has been difficult to teach in a school setting.


Traditionally, the hand method is taught over two days and since it requires ongoing practice to develop proficiency, it is more suitable for experienced post graduate professionals. We have addressed this issue by developing Sugar 'n Strip pastes that can be used in almost exactly the same way as wax/resin, while still providing the state of the art benefits of sugar paste.


Our exclusive Sugar 'n Strip pastes have been developed for use on three hair types: Vellous, Intermediate and Terminal, We are also happy to "train the trainers" so that you can pass on your new Strip 'n Sugar expertise to your students, confident in the knowledge that the products and techniques are fully compliant with Board requirements.


You will be able to teach your students the simple unique techniques in only a few hours. Our safety and hygiene standards meet the highest State/Provincial Board/OSHA requirements, and the simplicity of our methods makes this a natural fit for school curricula. If, at a later date, the graduate wants to add the “hand” method (our Spa System), we offer a one-day Step 2 Spa Course. This is ideally accomplished when they are working in a salon and removing hair each day.

Educators/Schools are expressing their appreciation that Sugar ‘n Strip is:


  •     Economical

  •     Easy to teach/use

  •     Effective

  •     All-natural

Educators and students can enjoy these benefits now:


  •     The product is warmed to slightly above body temperature, applied with a spatula in an ultra-thin layer in the direction of the hair growth, and removed against the growth with a cotton strip.

  •     There’s no need for students to rush, as the product remains usable on the skin for as long as needed.

  •     The product sticks only to the hair and is gentle on skin.

  •     Mistakes and spills are cleaned up with plain tap water leaving s no mess or stains.

  •     This all-natural product is entirely food grade – it can be eaten!

Why is salon sugar products the best fit for your school?


  •     We only work with professionals.

  •     For 20 years we’ve been manufacturing sugar pastes for professional use in the USA/Canada.

  •     Our client base includes some of the most prestigious schools, spas and distributors.

  •     Our Sugar ‘n Strip ® System can be taught by you to your students in a hands-on four hour session.

  •     We have a NIC compliant test kit available (see photo) for the hair removal portion of their Board Certification.

  •     Our products have consistent quality, scientific process, no artificial dyes, additives, fragrances or preservatives.


about our Sugar 'n Strip ® System and how it can best work for your students.

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