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We offer a full line of support products and four (yes, we said 4) types of sugar paste. Our line has been carefully selected by salon professionals to offer you the optimum in service without risk to your clients so there are no fragrances, oils, or chemicals. In fact, all the products are water-based and non-ignitable. It is our policy to ship out only what you need so there are no minimum order requirements, or discounts for bulk purchases.Our current customers tell us this equals "a sugar of a day!".

Quick Conversion Kit™

For our first time salon professionals, this is the ideal and economical way to replace your existing wax/resin with Salon Sugar Products®. Keep your heater, and add our products. The Quick Conversion Kit™ comes complete with: 1 - 30 ounce jar of Sugar 'n Strip™, 1 - 30 oz jar of For Stubborn Hair™, 100 removal strips, a body spatula, a face spatula, Anti-micro Soap™ cleanser, Cool Mist™, Super Dry Powder™, pad of 100 After Care, pad of 50 Client Record sheets, and a Treatment Guide complete with diagrams and tips. In other words, everything you need to get "converted" at a fantastic low price. (On average, this amount of product should earn you $1,500.00 in service revenues.)

Sugar 'n Strip™

Our high quality sugar, water, lemon paste scoots on ultra-thin. This lets you get out the shortest hair with the cotton strip. Easy and effective, it takes little practice to fully master.


IMPORTANT: Because the water soluble, non-toxic sugar sticks only to the hair, the Sugar ‘n Strip® process is always easy on the skin. Unlike wax/resin, by using our gentler sugar process you can even remove hair before a facial service. Tap water clean-up is safe, fast, and easily keeps your work area looking professional. Accidental spills or errors in application are quickly removed with warm tap water, and, if necessary, the sugar paste reapplied. The benefits of using a gentle, natural product are loved by clients.

For Stubborn  Hair™

Now available in Canada! Previously available only in the USA this blend is exclusively ours. It is a strip sugar blend developed for those clients with coarse, stubborn, hair (chin, bikini) or fine, blonde, hair that is difficult to remove without breaking. With this great product you can get that hair out, by the roots, so you will see it diminish quickly.

Bikini Beauty™

Another exclusive, this paste is used with strips. With the enormous popularity of "Sphinx" complete bikini hair removal, both men and women have come to appreciate this product. Like all our sugar pastes it will not stick to the skin and can remove that shortest of 1/8" re-growth hair (all other products need hair twice as long to work!) which means virtually no pain.

Spa System™

Available in Regular & Hard consistency. Our ultimate paste for those devoted to offering their clients the very best in spa services. After attending a 2-day educational seminar, you will be able to remove the hair easily and effectively using your gloved hand. Our Spa System paste is put on the skin and "flicked" off in a repeated motion. We have actual letters from clients who told us they "went to sleep while having full leg sugaring done" it was so painless and soothing. You can contact us and find out why the Spa System is being called the "mini-massage" of hair removal.


IMPORTANT: Our luxurious Spa System Paste is highly engineered to deliver the desired results only when using the Spa/Hand Method of application and removal. Its’ ideal, dense consistency "flicking" makes it ineffective as part of any “Strip Process”.

Anti-Micro Soap™

Our low-sudsing soap was developed specially for sugar use. It is ideal for removing oils and bacteria on the skin without having to be rinsed off.

Super Dry Powder™

A heat-sterilized medical grade calcium silicate with no additives or impurities and a low dust rating. This product is used after the cleansing to absorb any moisture left on the skin. It is important to remember that "baby powder", corn starch and other products are not sterilized and may have a number of undesirable additives for this specific application.

Cool Mist™

Water based spray is used to help prevent any external bacteria for 4-6 hours after sugaring service is finished.We have not added any oils or chemicals to this blend.

Support Products

We offer a fromaldehyde-free non-woven roll of strips, vinyl gloves, spatulas for face and body, towlettes, moisturizer, germicidal, and a number of promotional materials including sugar candy to hand out in the salon.

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