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Room cleans up with plain tap water.

No damaged towels, beds, rugs. Salon always looks sanitary, inviting, professional. No chemical solvent cleanup risk.

Dissolves in plain water

You control the product so if you overshoot an eyebrow you can wash off with plain water on a cloth & start again, no trauma. Clean, spotless room enhances professionalism, clients feel confident. No chemical solvent cleanup risk.

Feel safe, don't worry about damage to clothes, bathing suit. Can change mind about amount of hair to be removed - with wax they're committed once wax applied. No skin reactions to preservatives or chemicals.

All natural product, safe enough to eat!

No chemical additives or preservations therefore no allergic reactions, breakouts.

Not working in a toxic waste dump. No fear of reactions or breakouts.

Confident not harming clients

No skin reactions to preservatives, chemicals or chance of breakouts.

Won't have long drawn out services. Can count on hair out first time.

Allows spec. to improve speed and effectiveness. No feeling of wasting consumables.

Cost effective. If you use too much paste product doesn't work. Profit line tied to amount of product used.

Self regulating

You only need 1/8" of regrowth to do service.

Uses less product, more profit for service, less time needed - can book other services or clients.

Painless, allows spec. to see diminished hair growth - less work for same profit - less time needed for service.

Happy - can have lip done BEFORE mustache visible, same underarms, legs - why shave? Painless fast.

No horrid stench to put up with, gets full benefit of aromatherapy.

Clients enjoy other services in same room. No horrid stench to work in.

Able to use same room for aromatherapy so no awful mess or smell.

No odour

Paste can be applied to entire area then removed.

Less waste in time and product as only one strip needed for front of both legs.

Faster, no running back and forth for each strip or waiting for product to set.

Less time spent to have service. Less discomfort.

No worries that you can streak tan lines or remove layers of skin.

No worries about removal of skin or tan. Can go over more than once to clean up.

No possible lawsuit from removal of client's skin.

Won't stick to the skin.

105 degrees only

No burns to skin - or potential of lawsuit.

Less redness or damage to connective tissues especially around the mouth area.

Bath water temperature
Less pain, redness, or damage to skin, so less change of wrinkles.

Less worry of cross infection.

Less worry of cross infection.

Less worry of cross-infection.

Use of gloves

Costs less than 10% of sales revenues.

Economical, yet superior service.

Economical, yet superior service.

No fear of salon discontinuing use of product because cost prohibitive.

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